Pragnam Software and Testing Solutions is one of the finest and most trusted software testing companies in India. We are a premier custom software development and quality assurance company delivering complex world-class software solutions on a variety of technology platforms catering to both domestic and international clients.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and highly trained quality analysts and professionals who believe in maintaining high standards in terms of the higher- grade services that we promise our clients, as a superior customer experience is what we are focused at. Our company motto of prioritizing client satisfaction has not only made us the front runners but has also led us to deliver only the best to our clients .We have been successfully combining an array of technical expertise with an exceptional commitment to our services and today, we have become a trustworthy and an admirable choice for companies looking for custom software development services, automated testing, mobile testing, and web testing services across the globe. We also supplement in-house resources in the delivery of various project components.

Here at Pragnam, our sole focus is on providing the best possible software solutions and services along with refined expertise to clients across the globe. Currently, we are incorporated in Mumbai, India along with San Francisco and California, USA.

choose us?

Increased Sales

By ensuring on-time delivery we assist companies to have a first time mover advantages and introduce their products faster than competition.

Reducing testing cost

Our internal processes of staff augmentation coupled with test automation best practices and standards will easily reduce your QA dollars

Retain the knowledge and experts

We not only focus on technology but also on best practices to hire and retain employees. We maintain a domain knowledge bank to help significantly reduce project ramp up costs.

Our purpose and aim:

  • We largely aim at providing services that could be of tremendous value to our customers.
  • We flag and address the security threats that we find during the testing.
  • We take pride in offering the best resources at minimal costs
  • We avoid client inconvenience at all costs which lets us deliver high quality applications without any showstoppers.
  • Unlike many other companies in the market, we know the importance of time and thus we get the promised products to the market significantly quicker without compromising the quality and sustainability. We have a track record of delivering products of high eminence with explicit punctuality.

To provide the best possible services to our clients, we have devised a “Total Care” solution which includes:

  • Robust Knowledge Management Cente
  • Tools and Process optimization
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Transparent Reporting Services
  • High user adoption rates are of importance to us and thus we have been successfully enabling our clients to establish long-term relationships with their customers and other stakeholders by effectively estimating how clients will interact with the product of service.
  • We also provide 24 – hour testing services, as we believe in maximizing the returns on investments and fortifying all the requirements of our current and potential businesses.

How we are different a few factors that sets up apart and has let us stand out amongst our competitors

  • Display business agility to changing requirements
  • Execution excellence
  • Flexibility in Operations
  • Manage domain knowledge repository
  • Round the clock availability of project information
  • Alert Mechanisms to communicate project blockers
  • Optimized productivity guarantees by using state of the art tools
  • Focus on upstream project quality
  • Continuous staff augmentation and training

With Pragnam solutions, we aim at yielding nothing less than excellence!

Time and again, Pragnam solutions have proven to successfully provide our customers with a well-balanced mix of control, visibility and flexibility and thus we would like to encourage you to take this journey with us. We assure you, your satisfaction is our top priority!

We appreciate our customers and thus we welcome all the constructive critics with open arms. Please send us your precious feedback and suggestions at support@pragnam.com