Custom App Development

A custom application is a customized programming/application (work area, web or portable), which is completely owned by the client depending upon their requirement. Generally, customized app is required when a customer needs to modify the current application to meet the business needs and objectives. Custom assembled programs are most appropriate when there is requirement of conducting business activities in an alternate way to the competitors or develop the organization’s abilities. In the event that you want to custom build your own application, it is good to follow your indispensable business qualities and principles that ought to reflect in your app. The custom application is considerably more adaptable than bundled, off-the-rack and can be altered and changed after some time as per your necessities and business needs.


• Reliable Partner

Our custom application development organization, Pragnam, an enterprise custom application development company has been giving the best quality custom application development services to the clients. We are your trusted partner and with us you have the guarantee of getting the best quality services that suits your requirement. 

• Affordable custom web design Pricing

At Pragnam, we know that it is your hard-earned money and hence outsourcing creative web development to Pragnam will ensure affordable low cost website design that fits your pocket and is not burdensome.

• Well-established Development Process

A successful custom development begins with an idea and follows up to proper implementation planning. Before we offer custom programming services, we analyze the core of your project, its goals and perspectives, and individual needs. Whatever you may need – we are here to provide you with development solutions that are customized and tailored according to your goals. Here you can get full-cycle custom apps development services – from project idea elaboration and planning to custom software programming, implementation and ongoing support. 

• Agile app Development

Our software development process is fast paced and we believe in offering quick services that gives a pleasant surprise to our clients. We believe in beating deadlines rather than just meeting them.

• Adequate Security in place to protect your IP

Data theft of intellectual property is a burgeoning problem globally and many enterprises are not well equipped to deal with this threat comfortably. At Pragnam, we will ensure that you are aware of the risks involved with trade secrets and why top development companies fail miserably in protecting their intellectual property. With our services in testing you can be assured that your data will be secure and you shall not fall a prey to data theft. We will give you the tips for data protection, risk assessment, and encryption to keep you updated and secured.

• Software development quality

The Quality Management System of Pragnam covers plan, improvement, testing, and specialized support of custom programming and meets the prerequisites of Din EN ISO 9001:2008. We furnish programming with a bug free guarantee.

• High-quality Consulting

With Pragnam, at every step of your alliance you will get consulting services of impeccable quality to enhance the quality of your software, end-user satisfaction, procedures to reduce the timeline to market your software, and help in increasing the ROIs.