And Investing

Pragnam has equipped itself with an indiscriminate domain expertise and experience that ranges across various industries. However, we have developed a niched focus on the finance and investment sector. Our specialists have acquired the domain knowledge that by leaps and bounds claims an unparalleled level of proficiency in the investment and asset management sector.

As a result of the demand for dedicated testing experts with asset and investment knowledge within a number of top investment and asset management companies, we have paired our skills and learning in software testing to enable organizations operate and manage complex changes and transformations to create a unique and compelling offering for investment and asset management industry. Our experts clearly understand the way in which a financial business functions from all perspectives and the technology that is associated with the lifecycle of all the business activities. We are perfectly positioned in terms of technology and domain expertise to make sure that your company’s testing and quality assurances needs are met

Our Testing Experts

Pragnam’s team of software testing experts has an avid passion for testing and quality deliverance and that is demonstrated through our customized industry-led, personalized solutions. All our services are determined by our keen focus on the latest and most innovative testing methodologies.

You will find that Pragnam has an intelligent and permanent solution for all your testing needs. Due to our exposure with hands on testing, we have acquired deep industry knowledge in mortgage, credit card processing, automobile insurance and personal account management.

Mortgage Application

For many people, buying a house and getting a mortgage is one of the biggest events because the mortgage is such a huge responsibility. For the bank or insurance company, financing a mortgage is also critical because it means an increase in revenue for them. Considering all the rules and regulations, a lot of mortgage systems have been developed to help the banks and insurance companies handle mortgage applications. Many business and calculation rules are implemented in these systems, which makes testing mortgage application software difficult. Testers need to have knowledge of the business rules of each mortgage type, but this unfortunately requires deep expertise in the domain, application, and functions to test. If you are in the market for mortgage application software testing services, contact Pragnam Software and Testing solutions today! If you are looking for testing services for your mortgage application software, contact us today!

Credit Card Processing

Technology has given the customer “the power to choose,” and thus has rapidly changed the cards and payment landscape. Today there is an upsurge in the use of mobility payments and this has raised challenges for all the financial institutions to safeguard the data and eradicate any fraudulent activity pertaining to these transactions. There are ongoing regulatory changes to ensure that the processing of the payments with various devices and channels are secure, well managed and user friendly and as such payment gateways are being looked at as an answer to the complexities in payment processing. As more and more payment systems are evolving, the continuous need of testing their efficiency and security is also increasing. This is where Pragnam’s unique position as an independent software tester comes into picture to offer unmatchable testing services for you card payments software. Our expertise lies in testing these modules, authorizing and capturing of the payment via card, clearance and its settlement, merchant onboarding, reporting and analytics, risk and compliance.

Auto Insurance


In comparison to other insurance products, auto insurance software testing is much simpler and straightforward. There aren’t many stringent rules and regulations; however, auto insurance software testing becomes mandatory as almost all insurance companies have this as a product on offer in their catalogue. Hence, comprehending the undermining terms and the critical testing points are absolutely necessary for the testing experts. Most of the insurance products, there are mainly four categories that include personal and contract information, vehicle related information, policy coverage and premium calculation and on the basis of these parameters we at Pragnam conduct our tests on auto insurance software. So far we have successfully tested the following modules for our clients which include quotes, benefits illustration, policy lifecycle testing, changes in the policy, premium payment alerts and underwriting.

Personal Account Management

Accounting applications are one of the most difficult applications in the software development and testing industry. Managing an account has a lot of rules that ensure the accuracy in driving the operations in any accounting application and these rules are known to the accountants as they are an indispensable part of their job profile. But knowing these rules becomes imperative for the software testing company experts too as they would be working on these software. Pragnam has developed a forte for testing accounting software efficaciously over the time. We have tested innumerable personal account management software with perfection and delivered best possible services. We have successfully crafted ourselves in testing these modules for our clients which include, personal banking workflows, security checks, data integrity and protection, concurrency, elevating user experience.