Mobile App Development


As an upcoming app development company in India, Pragnam is focused on developing mobile apps for both android and iOS devices.


When we call ourselves creative android and iOS app developers, we say it with seriousness. We do not strive to be just another contemporary app developer in the market delivering mere standard solutions and services to our customers. In fact, our aim is to be the best in delivery and offer our customers solutions that meet their needs and goals too. We welcome you to share the nitty-gritties about your next mobile app development project with us.

At Pragnam, we generally endeavor to convey the highest point-of-the-line administration and product, and we are satisfied only when our clients are satisfied. Our application designing process starts with complete research and strategic planning. Regardless of whether you request that we do everything with you on the sidelines, or to aid to your learning, as you build up the thought yourself, we begin at the similar place. This trademark distinguishes us from our rivals. We lay a stone hard preparation for each undertaking, and additionally plan for the day so our clients can audit the task and stay up with the latest with the way, instead of underscoring on due dates. With incredible industry experience and utilization of cutting edge technologies, we give our clients the knowledge that is instrumental in building up an obvious technique to help them succeed.


1. Outline and User Experience

The starting phase of any advancement process incorporates answering the query, “What is the purpose of building up an application?” both from the organization’s and the client’s perspective. It incorporates the two proposals for highlights in light of what is practical from a specialized perspective and what clients need and sit tight for. The goal of the design and configuration stage is to develop and deliver an application that is intuitive, convenient and unfathomably wonderful. This stage begins with an intelligent paradigm of the full application to examine the solitary UX alternatives and usefulness.

2. Advancement and Quality Assurance

From all the angles of the mobile web development process, we use an iterative procedure that encourages an adaptable and efficient work process. We create an android or iOS stage in a way that guarantees the best client affair. Regardless of how very much outlined and detailed the application’s drive is, it can perpetually come as unexpected how clients utilize it and what highlights they, on a very basic level require or value most. Of course, we set in motion Google Analytics, yet we have sweeping background in bringing a wide scope of experience following devices into utilization.

3. Activity and checking

We won’t transfer your android or iOS application to the android or iOS app store until it has been completely tried and tested. Additionally, we will train you on the best way to pick the best catchphrases and keywords. After the successful mobile development and launching of the app, our automated testing systems guarantee that we straight away spot and fix any technical glitches that clients confront or encounter. Although apps may support any campaign on a short term basis, the ones that we develop have much longevity. It is along these lines which are imperative for the application to evolve overtime to fit in with the changing needs of clients and to exploit new opportunities.

4. Ensured software quality solutions

Because of the consistently expanding number of android and iOS gadgets, all of which have distinctive screen sizes, and different technical specifications, the test phase is the basic piece of a task. Furthermore not only static testing is what we look at, we also take into consideration how the android or iOS application will function in various situations.


We are enterprise mobile application development company have a wide array of cell phones that cover all the recent and most prominent android phone models with more seasoned variants and the full range of Apple models. We deliver 100% transparency throughout with planners and developers with careful and stringent technical understanding. We trust that the best plan is devised with specialized understanding. We give intensive quality affirmation, high up time and adaptable facilitating, 24/7 support with proactive observation.