Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a term given to the strategies that are utilized to curtail the cost of launching a product in the market, efficiently perform to meet consumerism, broaden the tenure of the profitability of the product and continue to return maximum profit as the sales begin to decline over the years. Efficient and effective product lifecycle management is based upon the tie-up between supply chain management members and it enhances the sharing of data across quality, design, business systems and manufacturing units.

The other key features of a product lifecycle management system are data collection related to the product, communication and management of product development to enhance the product design processes. A strong and agile PLM process ensures teams to coordinate in refining the product, looking after its development and ensuring that the compliance standards are adhered to.

Product Lifecycle Management Helps:

  • Reduce time for the product to reach the market by engineering resource allocation and change cycles at a fast pace
  • Cut costs by improving the suppliers coordination and version controls
  • Uplift the product quality by closely monitoring all quality issues pertaining to the product

Product Lifecycle Management comprises of a series of stages from inception to retirement that every product has to pass through. The cycle starts with the initial stage where the base idea for a product is generated and conceptualized followed by its designing and testing. What sets Pragnam, mobile software development company, apart from other Indian app developers is that we include engineers, operation managers and executives who establish technical and financial milestones to determine the product’s features, functionality and assess the opportunities available in the market right from the initial phase of the product’s development.

Our PLM software services offer a digital solution that autopilots the administrative processes in conjunction with the product development, enabling teams to divert their focus on innovation. While the product lifecycle management is usually a manual process in the beginning, PLM software becomes inevitable as the company starts to grow and scale new heights in the market so that they can deal with overseas suppliers and their collaborators on a real time basis. The use of centralized product lifecycle management software ensures that all the teams involved in the development of a product are well informed on all the details of product development.


Pragnam’s PLM software integrates the product development team members under one umbrella. From expert product design engineers to suppliers of parts, Pragnam unites all these forces to make the product development cycle more proficient at a fast pace. As a result, the business outcomes are more rewarding, resulting in the manufacturing of best quality products with much shorter time to reach the market. We are into mobile web development and software testing too for product lifecycle management.

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