Software Testing

Pragnam’s software testing services are conducted to provide high quality testing, consulting and delivery services to clients that would enable them to enhance their software’s quality, promise user satisfaction, reduce time for market visibility, and help maximize the testing ROIs.

Pragnam’s software testing consulting services are formulated to provide the clients with testing based consulting services. We adhere to industry practices in order to better the test effectiveness and the end product quality. Based on our client’s requirements, we offer solutions, which are personalized and customized in nature.


  • Empowered delivery solutions of high quality with consulting expertise
  • Delivery solutions in alignment to different domains
  • Client centric solutions
  • Advanced and latest technological approach
  • Expert automation services for a faster turnaround time through testing
  • Metrics driven and process oriented approach


We offer a vast array of software testing services to deliver quality software products and applications to our clients. Our talent pool comprises of skilled and expert testing consultants who are well equipped to handle complex projects across different domains. We offer complete freedom and transparency to our clients when it comes to interactions with our team directly thereby promoting a close collaboration between both the parties. We do different types of testing like selenium automation testing, manual testing, security testing, Appium testing and performance testing and load testing. Our fully equipped testing services enables us to cater to all environments (Windows, Linux, MAC, etc.)



We offer manual testing services across all industry verticals. We utilize entrepreneurial methods, well and systematically structured procedures and the best practices in justifying the testing done and uncovering the loopholes at an early stage in the initial stages of software. With reduced time investment, the process of manual testing that we follow covers point to point basis for the successful validation of the software’s behavior in context to a wide range of normal and incorrect data. During the manual testing phase, the software is validated as per its specifications, performance and its requisite functionalities.


With our automation testing services we aim at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your software’s performance. These tests can be conducted periodically at no additional costs and they are comparatively faster than manual tests. Being faster in process, the time that is saved through automation testing can rather be utilized in other activities that would help in increasing the portfolio of the enterprise; elevate the knowledge base and skill sets of the internal resources.




With our functional security testing services, we try to make the IT risk management techniques better for an enterprise. The services include the testing for any loopholes in the software, eradication of any vulnerabilities and minimizing the chances of the exploitation of the flaws in the software. It has been noticed that the software security testing procedure can be strenuous at times and the cost involved in the hiring and maintenance of internal security experts can be an expensive affair and not to forget the time taken for the implementation of any software can greatly influence the productivity of the business. Pragnam’s application security testing services assures you of a seamless penetration testing procedure that will be cost effective as well as fast paced.


Apart from being a accessibility compliance, the accessibility of your software is to enable the inclusion of differently abled masses. If your enterprise embarks upon social responsibilities, then your applications and software must be within the reach of as many as possible including those with cognitive, visual, hearing and mobility impairment. This would also help your brand’s image to be visible to maximum audience and increase the number of end users. We, at Pragnam, believe in a fair usage policy for all and we have been doing our bit by providing impeccable expertise for testing the accessibility of your applications. With a strong knowledge of accessibility regulations like BITV 1.0, Section 508 testing, W3C’s WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0 accessibility and Stanca Act, we thrive to confirm that standardized accessibility procedures are followed while testing your application.



With a monumental rise in the competition amongst enterprises with their web, mobile apps and software performance without any technical issues is critical. To ensure that there are no glitches in the performance of their applications, organizations are bound to invest in load performance testing. A segment of non-functional testing, performance testing is an indispensable part of the software testing process. It involves the stability, scalability, stability and the pace of an application under specific conditions to give high quality performance. Apart from determining the speed of a particular application in a specific condition, it also demonstrates the adherence of the developed application with all the performance related criterions.


  • Desktop based applications
  • Web applications
  • Android and iOS applications
  • iOS mobile automation using Appium
  • Android automation using appium